Military Wash Slideshow

The Military Wash Slideshow How to do the wash, whether you are a patriot or a loyalist changes little in the time 18th century. If you would like to see one about civilian wash techniques please view the other slideshow on this site. It goes into greater depth on some of the subject touched upon […]

Poem – The Woman’s Labor

Mary Collier A few years ago I stumbled into a poem. At the time I did not realize that Mary Collier, the woman who wrote this poem was, herself, a poor washer woman. An early self taught woman with a voice, and a hard life. It was done as a rebuttal. She felt that Stephen […]

Laundress Day: Bon Fête des Blanchisseuses!

A Celebration for Women This French celebration has celebrated the laundress since the 18th century. The holiday originally run by a laundresses guild. I made a slideshow, in recognition of this special day, highlighting laundresses in history. It focuses on the 18th century, but touches upon heroic women through history. In recent years this has […]