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Hello, I am Cat.

I spend a lot of my time doing research about the 18th century. I reenact occasionally, and spend time helping at several local 18th century sites.

I sew a lot, and read a lot, and am hoping to share what I can with people here. I have decided I need to spend less time editing myself and more time sharing information. We will see how that goes.

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The Making of a Shirt

Where This Pattern Originates Most of this post is not from my personal research. In combining research others have done and posting it here, all

Laundry: Military Wash

Cat Tannenbaum Schirf Military Laundry Concepts Laundry Bathing Washing, bathing, changing into clean clothing and shaving gave people the feeling of being well groomed. People

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Runaway Thoughts

I decided to write down my reading of a runaway this morning. I decided I wanted to re check a runaway where I knew a

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The Stealing Of A Shirt

Assumptions One of my biggest pet peeves in the hobby is the ideas we have about stealing things. I often hear people stating that someone

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