A Gown – The Shortened Hot Mess

In 2016 I thought I had lost a gown. It is one of my early gowns. I had drafted the pattern myself. Although there was a lot wrong with the construction I was very fond of it. This image of me in it was the first time I had ever done laundry publicly. That brown […]

18th Century Shirt – Part 3

Shirt Construction This is not a transcription. The pattern is slightly modified from Deb Najecki’s original, which can be found here, along with notes on it by Ruth Hodges. This is part 3 of the pattern article. This is a guide to help people create a shirt for the time period using free community resources […]

18th Century Shirt – Part 2

18th Century Shirt Pattern This is based on Deb Najecki’s instructions. With modifications based on suggestions from the 18th Century community. The original with with notes can be found here. Thread: Hand sewing most of what I work on, I always wax my thread with beeswax. This keeps it from twisting and knotting. Best Linen […]

18th Century Shirt – Part 1

Where This Pattern Originates Most of this post is not from my personal research. In combining research others have done and posting it here, all of the information I have used in making shirts is in one place. I am not a shirt expert. The pattern is a pattern that Deb Najecki shared freely, with […]

Deb Najecki’s Shirt Pattern

I am sharing Deb Najecki’s Shirt Pattern here. There are three blog entries concerning this pattern on this site.

Pattern Grading. Links and Notes.

My mom is an artist, and I have been lucky enough to have been exposed to all kinds of random knowledge because of it.   She explained to me how to blow up a pattern using the grid system.  A lot of art books use the same technique when making murals, but done on paper rather […]