Thoughts on 18th Century Caps

This post is a basic post about 18th century caps. If you want to see some solid research on caps go to Her research is AMAZING. It may be a little heavy for a beginner but be sure to peak at it no matter your level. When I first wrote this blog I was unaware […]

The Making of a Shirt

Where This Pattern Originates Most of this post is not from my personal research. In combining research others have done and posting it here, all of the information I have used in making shirts is in one place. I am not a shirt expert. The pattern is a pattern that Deb Najecki shared freely, with […]

Pattern Grading. Links And Notes.

My mom is an artist, and I have been lucky enough to have been exposed to all kinds of random knowledge because of it.   She explained to me how to blow up a pattern using the grid system.  A lot of art books use the same technique when making murals, but done on paper rather […]