What I am trying to do with this section

I will start by saying I am not an 18th century expert. However I do have some basic understanding of a lot of the most commonly discussed subjects and know where to find basic information about the 18th Century. This section will eventually have posts that explain some of the basics in the time period and link to other people’s research on those subject.

The section will also attempt to explain some of the most commonly found debates and try to give you links to more information about both sides of the discussion. I will be as honest as possible with where I lean and why if I have an opinion, but will try to not let it shade the explanations. I enjoy the puzzles involved in this whole process.

I do not always understand all of the layers of things, but i will try to share what I do see. My goal is to provide a briefing of both sides of common debates and discussions, in as balanced a manner as possible, and document support for both sides of the argument, so that people who do not have time to dig for every single explanation can get a light understanding of both sides some of the heated 18th century discussions they run into.

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