Why A Blog?

Sharing information, experiences, ideas and research in a way that is not lost in a newsfeed.


Random research that being worked on at various stages.


Debates about subjects based on my current understanding.


Things I have participated in and events I want to share.


Projects I am working on, and interesting ones I have seen.

Other Sites

Other places to go and learn from online. From Sites to Facebook.

“All true histories contain instruction; though, in some, the treasure may be hard to find, and when found, so trivial in quantity that the dry, shrivelled kernel scarcely compensates for the trouble of cracking the nut.”

Ideas and Information

Concerning the 18th Century

Runaway Thoughts

I decided to write down my reading of a runaway this morning. I decided I wanted to re check a runaway where I knew a wrapper was mentioned. I think every time I read this Read more

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