18th Century Life

Sharing Research as I Go

I know I prattle on but...

I do spend a lot of time reading and researching, and I like sharing it. I like the process of learning. I think that we all can grow and learn from one another. It is the information age and research is moving forward quickly. If I share here when I can get time the community is better for it.


Research and Musings

My favorite subject to research. In my world everything can be connected to laundry in one way or another. Love, life, food, games and war, all interlink with the washing of clothing. I enjoy finding ways of showing how much this subject connects everything in history.


“All true histories contain instruction; though, in some, the treasure may be hard to find, and when found, so trivial in quantity that the dry, shrivelled kernel scarcely compensates for the trouble of cracking the nut.”

I enjoy research. Data analysis excites me. I love the puzzle. The problem is digging is not the end. There is so much information available now. What is important is then taking that and building on it. I am going to use this to try to help me do that.


I try out things I have read about. I test theories about the time period and  do that in some really bizarre ways.

 I sew, I do demos and presentations, I help plan history programs, events and other things I even have made displays.  

I want to share what I am doing so others can learn and do as well. And when they do it they can do it better than I did.


Help for those who I can help,  as well as rants about random things that I am learning about or  a mistake I made with research or interpretation (there have been plenty). This will cover a little bit of everything that I think may help those interested in the time period.


Dirty Laundry and the Like

The Blog

MUSINGS & Research

So far the blog has been more of something I will get to in time but the longer I go not writing the more pressing it feels. I will attempt again to write more consistently, often with musings and pieces of research rather than an entire fleshed out article on a subject.

About Me


I work for a small historic site in the area I live in. It has inspired me to get more involved in 18th century living history and reenacting activities. I do research and demonstrations. Most of my demonstrations focus on laundry or the life of lower sort in the 18th century. I research various subjects, primarily focusing on the second half of the century. I will try to share  here. 


A Coffee Chat

A few years ago I ran into a mention of coffee in Bedford County, Pennsylvania during the Revolutionary War. Other than visiting the Williamsburg coffeehouse...
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Coming Someday

Sections I am working on


Events  that I think people should consider attending or learning about. This is not a list of events I am going to, but events that I think people may be interested in.


I will list vendors and sutlers I either buy things from or know that their products are at a level that I would consider purchasing items from.


Sites I have found educational, instructional or in some way helpful along my journey through the 18th century.